DSO Children’s Concert – Jan. 26 at 3pm

Jovita MooreThe DeKalb Symphony Orchestra is excited to announce its annual Children’s Concert, “Around the World in 60 Minutes.”  Travel the globe at the speed of sound with the DeKalb Symphony Orchestra, Maestro Fyodor Cherniavsky, and WSB-TV’s Jovita Moore, as they take a musical journey around the world. They will lead listeners on this magical musical adventure that will explore a variety of cultures.

The concert will feature the Decatur School of Ballet, Aly Camara – African drummer, and John Recknagel – Scottish bagpiper.  Children will experience a kaleidoscope of music styles from all over the world and will learn that music is truly a universal language that brings people together.

The performance is designed for all children but is open to adults who are still young at heart. This is a great way to introduce your children or grandchildren to the wonders of symphonic music. It is fun, educational, and hopefully the start of a life-long musical journey.

The concert will be held on Sunday, January 26, at 3:00 pm in the Gymnasium at Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston Campus.  All tickets are $5 general admission.  You can buy your tickets online or call the office at 678-891-3565.

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